Addiction and Your Marriage: Who Is Really Suffering?

It seems to be obvious that substance abuse and marriage don’t mix…

However, many couple still find themselves in the midst of it. They have a husband who just can’t put the bottle down or a wife who takes just one pill too many.

But many people might argue that the spouse of an addict is actually the one who suffers the most…

What are the costs of a marriage filled with addiction?

Oftentimes, a couple in which one partner is addicted to something leaves the other partner feeling very unhappy – more unhappy than other couples who aren’t suffering from the problems of addiction.

The addiction can cause a great deal of stress which can also lead to more frequent fighting and a distance being created between the two partners…

Couples in an addicted relationship often find themselves just on a downward spiral.

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The drugs or alcohol can lead to arguments over it – when will it stop? It can leave the other partner feeling as though it is because of something they did, leaving them questioning their role in the marriage.

Furthermore, it can leave them arguing over who will pick up responsibilities. An addict typically will abandon some if not all of their responsibilities – they will get home late, forget, or just purposely avoid them altogether. As a result, this can leave all the wait of the household on one person’s shoulders – the spouse who isn’t suffering from addiction. Therefore, it can cause them to have to pick up the slack which can be extremely tiring.

Addiction can also lead to domestic abuse within a relationship, or it could be mental abuse. Either way – abuse is never okay. The anger, sadness, and fear that addiction brings could promote the negative behavior of that partner, leaving the other one emotionally or physically wounded.

Overall, addiction can completely change a person. It can leave your spouse feeling as though they have no idea who it is that they are even married to anymore…

It can be an incredibly depressing feeling as they watch the kind person they once knew and loved fade away…

If you are struggling with addiction, consider the effect it is having on your spouse. It could be driving a wedge right between the two of you that could eventually be detrimental to your marriage.

Let us help restore your marriage to what it once was by helping you get clean from your addiction.

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