Enhancing Sense Of Control Of An Addict

Addiction is one of the most difficult mental and physical challenges a person can face. It requires a difficult commitment to struggle with day to day, but it can be done. Even though the road to recovery can be tiresome and full of unexpected detours, there are strategies that can help an addict regain a sense of control in their battle with addiction.

One of the most important steps a person can take is to get support and seek out the help of trained professionals. Having the support of family, friends and other professionals creates a safe and secure environment to help an addict understand why they are dealing with addictive behaviors and how to manage them. Having support reduces the sense of isolation and allows an addict to overcome fear and guilt, which can often be associated with addiction.

In addition to seeking out support, it is important to recognize the thought processes and feelings associated with addiction. By acknowledging the triggers that lead to a particular behavior, an addict can break down the pattern, work through it and gain a sense of control. This may include participating in activities that bring joy and reduce stress and doing the hard work of facing and confronting one’s addiction challenges. It helps to make small, achievable goals and build on success. Addicts should reward themselves for successes achieved and create a positive self-image that reinforces the experience of accomplishing a goal.

Another important step to enhance sense of control of an addict is to identify individual needs and to plan for possible setbacks and recovery. Knowing what an individual needs in order to stay sober and away from an addictive material is key. Once this is established, it is important to create a plan of action for when an individual is faced with a difficult situation. This plan should include supportive strategies, such as talking to someone, engaging in distracting activities, or implementing breathing exercises.

It is also important to find activities for fun, relaxation and expression. Taking the time for activities that are enjoyable and creative can be a useful tool in reclaiming a sense of control. Not only will it reduce stress and frustration and help to stay focused on the recovery at hand, but it will encourage feelings of accomplishment that can be used to help further one’s sense of control.

Finally, it is important to keep an open dialogue with oneself. An addict should be honest with themselves and practice self-care by writing in a journal and getting sufficient rest. Allowing oneself to make mistakes and acting with a sense of self-compassion is also important in fostering a sense of control and developing recovery skills.

By following these strategies, an addict can increase their chances of recovery and reclaim a sense of control in their life. No addiction is easy to conquer, but with a plan and the right attitude an individual can succeed and get back in control of their life.