How Does Addiction Effect Your Children?

Do you think that just because you put the alcohol in an unmarked glass you are hiding it from your children?

Sadly, the mindset of most addicts is that they are being sneaky…

They assume as long as they drink from a discrete bottle nobody will smell the alcohol on their breath, see them hiding the bottle, or notice a change in their demeanor…

But, this is far from true.

Even from a young age children can pick up on habits such as alcohol and drug addiction and can already begin to understand the effects that it has on them and their entire family.

Raising children and supporting a family is already hard enough without the added stress of addiction. Not only are you in charge of raising your children but you are also setting the example for them…

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Studies show that children quickly pick up on habits – and your addiction is no different. It is also seen that children who grow up in homes with an addicted parent are more likely to become addicts themselves.

In addition to the risk to their future that you are creating, addiction could also start slacking on your parenting skills…

As you are engaging in your addiction, you suddenly start to become more disconnected from them. You can start missing important events in their lives, not being there when they need you, and failing to discipline people when it is necessary.

All kids need a stable mentor in their life, and by being addicted to drugs or alcohol, you can’t be that person.

Your addiction can leave your child feeling confused, sad, and alone.

They might feel as though you aren’t around as much – and even when you are you are not completely there.

Furthermore, children who are raised in homes of addicts have an increase in academic problems and criminal behavior – in addition to the increased risk of use that we already mentioned.

So, is your addiction really worth damaging your child? Is it really worth losing that valuable time with them that means so much?

While they are young, you should be there molding them and shaping them…

Don’t let drugs and alcohol let you lose site of the importance of your job as a parent.

Let our recovery program restore your life today so that you can be there for your family and your children. They will thank you.

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