The Impact of Addiction on the Family

Do you have a drug or alcohol addiction?

Do you also have a spouse? Some kids? Maybe even some grandkids?

Then, you are causing them all to suffer…

Addiction is not a victimless crime – and it especially takes a toll on those who are closest to you and those who live with you day in and day out.

But, just what kind of impact is addiction having on your family?

You might not notice it right away, especially because you are on the addiction side of things. It can be easy, and natural, to simply ignore what type of effects the addiction is actually having on those around you…

However, addiction is a disease that can infect and hurt an entire family…not just the addict themselves.

An addiction can easily cause lack of communication, miscommunication, tension, and more frequent arguments within the family – whether it is over something involving the addiction or just over a misunderstanding as a result of a short-tempered addict.

As a result of the lack of or errors in communication, the stress levels are raised and it puts those around the addict in a tense and unhealthy environment.

Because the addict themselves is very unpredictable, they can cause added stress, emotional pain, and anxiety within the family. In addition, they can also cause people to lose a lot of their trust in them, making it hard to trust them with even the simplest of tasks.

Furthermore, addiction can affect the family on a financial level. Job instability can lead to financial stress which can lead to having to cut certain things out of their life and additional stress.

But, is it really fair for your children or your spouse to have to do without just because you are supporting your drug or alcohol addiction?


As a result of all these negative effects that addiction has on the family, several – if not all – family ties can be damaged or severed. Family members might have to distance themselves for their own well-being, whether it is just for a short time or maybe even forever…

The effects of addiction on families is huge – it effects children, spouse, and even family outside of the immediate family.

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Let us help you today – not just for you but also for your family. They deserve it. A residential addiction rehabilitation centers can provide the help and solutions needed to see restoration in the Family.

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