We Help Restore Family Harmony

Addictions can cause chaotic systems in families and optimum family systems are not only comforting to the individual, but promote happiness and stability for all those functioning within the family. Research has understood for some time that addiction in the family can become a major roadblock to a family’s mental health and overall wellbeing. Addictions can have damaging and long lasting effects on the family structure
Addictions in the family can weaken the bond between the affected person and the family and can cause hurtful and damaging behaviors that can lead to a breakdown in the family communications. It is important to understand that the development of an addiction can take place over an extended period, and that the family system may have been damaged and weakened before family members recognize it.

The consequences of addiction have a perpendicular impact on the family units. Children, in particular, may suffer the most from the ignorance of their family members as they struggle to the handle emotions originating from one or both of the parents. These psychological effects on the children are often due to a lack of financial security, neglect, violence, forced changes in domicile, and the mother or fathers not being emotionally available may all ensue due to addiction.

Fortunately, there are many support services that are devoted to helping families of addiction through their journey. Assisting people with the process of recovery by offering counselling and support for the whole family is a key feature of these services. They offer education and practical methods that build a better understanding and resilience in the family members assisting them in their move to a more positive and families centered system structure.

In particular, family therapy helps tackle the root cause of any familial issues. It is a family oriented therapy session which provides family members the chance to grow closer together and spend quality time with one another. The focus of family therapy may also be to understand the traits of each family member, helping in the recognition of their strengths and weaknesses and in the growth of any existing or potential family bonds.

Family therapy is especially effective when one parent or the other has an addiction. This type of one-on-one therapy offers the family a safe environment to express concerns, ask questions and come to terms with their issues and the insecurity that an addiction can cause. It also allows family members to come to the realization that everyone has a part to play in family issues and in order to successfully overcome their problems they must work together to get results.

Most importantly, family therapy provides the foundation and support for the whole family to move forward and work towards a healthier way of living within the family system. It assists them in learning new coping techniques and developing better communication skills, all of which are essential to helping restore family harmony.

Being in an addictive family situation can be very frightening, but with the right assistance and support, the family system can be repaired, making it more enjoyable and healthier for all those involved. Professional family therapy services, like those offered at We Help Restore Family Harmony, can help individuals and families manage a variety of mental health concerns to ultimately lead to a healthier system.

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